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Great ideas are born when friends gather over a meal, a drink and good conversation. 

At such a gathering of friends, a conversation led to an idea of creating a company that would leave behind a legacy to be proud of. These friends searched for the right product and partner that would match the ideology, passion and enthusiasm of Earth Gear

We are passionate about our country and we are very proudly South African! We are passionate about the OUTDOORS and the adventures that can be had in the diverse plethora of terrains in Southern Africa. The adventures that can be had in our beautiful part of the world are only limited by our own imaginations and our gear! 

Notice how we have named our products after trees…. Ask yourself will Gordonia or will Rosewood go with me on an adventure today! 

Enter the “Explore More” adventure gear made from Woodland and a wonderful partnership has begun. 

Earth Gear is the exclusive distributor in Southern Africa of Woodland Outdoor and Leisure Footwear.

For genuine products, do purchase Woodland merchandise from exclusive Woodland showrooms and authorised dealers only.